Official Smogon Tournament XX - Round 1-C

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  1. bread n breakfast vs Minnair, Misplayin subbed out
  2. Satanic Beast vs IoSonoNeon, tko subbed out
  3. Raulex902 vs flyingtaco, Yanki Ken subbed out
  4. 1LDK vs Broken Promises;, UzumakiFox subbed out
  5. Valteyek vs Ayante, Papanidoking and Th3UnKn0wn subbed out
  6. Hacker1787 vs StepC, Charmflash subbed out
  7. Isza vs not mishmesh, rapħ subbed out
  8. thunderbug vs Ravenna, not mighty subbed out
  9. Aislinn vs passion, Max op boy subbed out
  10. NDK vs DeeJ, Ventuurn subbed out
  11. Sandanlp vs Flarowak, Soundwave321 subbed out
  12. Beka vs Quarante8, RedMW3 subbed out
  13. C0nfiden1 0yster vs Babydragonzard, Requeijao anonymo and therush1 subbed out
  14. nigel vs dunoks, maggnargina subbed out
  15. Axzel vs Mannuraj, Pokeionyt subbed out
  16. DAHLI vs Holymolycrabby, Fitoman subbed out
  17. D4 Repertoire vs Carkoala, MiMoHyo subbed out
  18. Celestiial vs sugarhigh, CHIPICHIPICHAPACHAPALOOBI subbed out
  19. goldmason vs Xerneas2, URLXD subbed out
  20. Magician vs Garay oak, itachi435 subbed out
  21. GoldCat vs Eulelp, Xboy subbed out
  22. Buuditz vs Fluore, neomon subbed out
  23. awyp vs Rampecker, jebuspesabe subbed out
  24. kitu7796 vs TakingNotesKinda, rottapojke and flamelord505 subbed out
  25. CyberOdin✝ vs georgiethefirst, dingusmkyeetus subbed out
  26. Zaeoy vs Robert, Lucariowo<3 subbed out
  27. Thor vs Wolfenite, Liones subbed out
  28. thajester vs qways, Crispin subbed out
  29. duckycrater vs Frogmen, Frogmen subbed out
  30. maxseiji vs Floss, EmpereurZer0 subbed out
  31. N ™ vs termnal, Catztail subbed out
  32. sullin vs feen, LesbianFurry subbed out
  33. yandaud vs idiotpokemoner, THEWALLUSET subbed out
  34. Glurakaiser vs tommy1066, RagingSquirtle subbed out
  35. Maxouille vs Azyor, HSOWA subbed out
  36. Tarre25 vs Bluxio, uugoat subbed out
we were scheduling


'Alexa play Ladyfingers by Herb Alpert'
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claiming act, reached out sunday (new matchup date), didnt get a response until friday morning and scheduled for today and opp missed time (gave availability as weekdays only)

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